The title may sound odd, but I’ll get to it.  This morning during my meditation I was contemplating a candle flame, which is not something I always do as I more usually use mantras and breathe work.  So.  Normally when I use a candle the flame is quite steady and the whole experience is peaceful and serine.  This morning was different.  This morning there was a breeze.

As I watched, pin-pointing my focus onto the candle flame, the flame began to bounce and circle.  The flame was twisting and turning as it was pushed by the breeze.  But a candle flame has many dependencies.  The candle flame needs air, but not so much that it is blown out.  The candle flame needs heat, but not so much that it burns out in moments.  The candle flame needs fuel, it’s wick, but not so much that it cannot heat the fuel.  If any one of these conditions is not met the candle flame will die.

How like this are our ego-selves?  Our personalities believe we need so much just to exist.  We need certain relationships, a well respected job, a string of qualifications or the new must-have item.  We need to catch that episode of our favourite TV show, or go to a specific gym class at a specific time, otherwise our very existence is threatened.  Just like the candle flame we twist and turn within the trap of the dependencies our ego “needs”.  Always trying to escape change, to move away from the breeze, but never able to move away from our position because there are too many things we need that we can only get right here (physically, mentally and spiritually).  We grasp onto what is familiar without realising that in truth…

we are not the candle flame.

We are the air around it.  Truly we have no dependencies, we simply ARE.  Our physical bodies are like the candle flame – they need food and air and warmth.  But we are so much more than our physical bodies.  Truly, we are a perfect divine spark of the oneness that infuses all things.  As that spark we rely on nothing, and that is our true existence.  We live in the illusion of our candle-world, but in reality all things are within us including our physical selves and the world around us.  The air around the candle flame feeds it, giving it the air it needs to survive.  Our true being gives our bodies that same sustenance, infusing our bodies with love, abundance and healing.  Living without an awareness of this traps us in the candle-world, endlessly threatened by outside influences that appear beyond our control.  But with awareness of ourselves as the breeze that moves the flame, then we can steer our lives towards joy and fulfillment and peace.  Then we can embrace change as something we have brought ourselves (even when this is not obvious and our flame-self feels threatened and afraid) in order to rise towards a fuller life and follow our bliss.

So how are you living?  Are you living as the candle flame, or the air around it?