The angels have been nudging me to write about a couple of things in the last month or so, and I must confess to being rather slow in my actions!  This happens sometimes, that I’ll feel that messages I am being given are not only relevant to me and that Archangel Gabriel in particular is giving me that nudge to write and share what they’re telling me. At the beginning of March I began to receive very clear messages from Archangel Raphael (the Archangel of healing and travel) to take better care of my body and to concentrate on both exercise and nutrition to do this. Specifically there was the message to be mindful of what I was eating, why I wanted to eat it, and the effect different foods have on my body. For me this relates to sugar, because that has been the method I’ve used in the past to numb out my emotions and to feel safe. It follows on from a message I was given some time ago from Archangel Michael, to go to him when I need reassurance that I am safe and loved instead of reaching for a bag of doughnuts! At this time, now, after I’ve made working with Archangel Michael in this way my normal response, they felt I was ready to succeed at making real changes to my nutrition. Fast forward to mid-March, when I saw the first facebook post about the game where you just use the middle button on your phone and see what the predictive text comes up with. When my phone typed “The message for your good eat more mindfully and nutritiously”, that was my confirmation that I really was hearing that message from the angels correctly. It felt special then, there was a feeling of tremendous love flowing through me, and I reaffirmed to myself and my angels that I would continue to work on my nutrition. A few days later my fiance showed me the message her phone had typed and I shared my message with her, telling her how it had been so significant to me. It was during that conversation that I got the clear message that I should share their guidance about nutritious, mindful eating. They emphasised the mindful aspect of this to me, saying that it is important to eat the food your body needs and to know what that means for you. So to know if you need to be vegetarian or not, if you need to cut out sugar, or gluten, or cut down on some of these or others. This will be different for everyone and means that one task of mindful eating is to tune into your body to see what makes it feel good, and what fuels it well. What leaves your energy crashing after a few hours and what affects your mood. Keeping a diary of these correlations can help you to be mindful when you are making food choices (a great app for tracking mood, sleep, food, etc is Ginsberg).

Another part of mindful eating is to show your love and respect for your body by making fueling it an activity in it’s own right. What I mean by that is making an effort to concentrate on the act of eating, both as a physical sensation (the way you would concentrate on your breath in many methods of mindfulness meditation)  and by being aware of the food you are eating. Being aware of it’s nutritional value and your motivations for eating it. The last aspect they gave me is to tune into your feelings about the food you are eating. Is that doughnut a reward for doing something unpleasant, or a treat to yourself because you’re feeling sad? Is that apple a sign of your self love because you want to fuel your body with healthy foods? It can be a great act of self care to eat mindfully and nutritiously, and it was this part of the message that the angels emphasised to me most strongly. The mindful act of treating your body as the temple that it is and only allowing loving and healthful thoughts and foods to enter that temple. For truly your body is a temple, as it is the physical home for your own unique spark of divine light.

The other message they would like me to share is about music, and I have received the message several times recently along with the push to share it. The phrase they have used each time is that music is incense for your soul. So as you would burn incense in your home to clear the energies, you can use music to clear and recharge your soul. Their message regarding this is similar to their message about food, because they emphasised the need to be mindful of the music that you listen to. Is that music going to raise your energy and your mood? Or is it going to help you get in touch with feelings of anger, despair or sadness? Is the “scent” of this music what you want to feel right now and is it of benefit to your growth? Again the answer to this will be very individual. I always think of Abraham’s thought ladder when I ask myself these questions, and remember that my aim is to access the best feeling thought that is available to me. If I am in a place of hopelessness then anger is a step towards joy and that angry music will help me to connect with the feelings I need to process and release. But if I am in a space of joy or contentment, that same music will compress my energy and lower my vibration. So being mindful allows us to tune into our energy and know what will be beneficial for us at a given time. Being mindful allows us to connect with our soul energy and clear anything which is not helping us. This part of the angels message reminds us that picking out that music that is energetically nutritious is just as important as eating nutritious food. I hope that this message is as helpful for you as it continues to be for me, and would love to hear any comments or reactions from you on the facebook page.

Love and angel blessings,