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Kat began her reiki journey when she took a first degree class in Edinburgh, and after a period of self-healing practice and giving healings to friends and family, Kat was attuned to second degree reiki.  She then spent six months giving reiki at a drop-in run by her teacher, these took place on Wednesday and Thursday nights and offered twenty minute sessions.  Through this Kat gained experience of working with many different clients, and she has continued to give reiki to both people and animals since then. Kat is a Reiki Master and offers reiki sessions for both people and pets, including horses and small furries.  She also teaches reiki, please see the holistic treatments page for more information.  Through reiki Kat developed an interest in other holistic treatments including Indian head massage, swedish massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology – please see the holistic treatments page for more information.

Kat has been meditating for many years and began reading cards and runes at the age of 16.  She works particularly with her spirit guide and with the Archangels Michael and Raphael, however she can also work with a client’s personal angels and with other celestial beings or departed loved ones should they come through with information during the reading.  She uses the Angel Tarot deck of cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, but may use other decks to augment the reading.  For rune readings Kat offers either a birchwood or a gemstone runeset, with each offering a unique vibe to the reading.


Kat has always had animals around her, be it spending her childhood evenings out in the field with the horses, or sharing her days with cats and dogs.  She now shares her home with three rabbits, four guinea pigs and seven rats (pets blog here), and holds a certificate in animal behaviour and welfare from the University of Edinburgh.  Kat has been horse riding and carriage driving for many years.  She is experienced around horses, including youngstock, and has been involved in both breaking and rehabilitation.  Kat has worked for a carriage driving display team, as a carriage driving competition groom and taught horse riding at a camp in Canada.  She has also completed the practical exams at British Driving Society Intermediate Level.  Kat will care for your horse, dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse….. as if they were her own!



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