We offer reiki, either in Harold Wood or in the comfort of your own home.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on healing technique developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 following a revelation on Mount Kurama at the end of a 21 day period of meditation and fasting.  The Western tradition tells of Usui stubbing his toe as he walked down the mountain – he put his hands down on his toe and the pain was gone!  However, in her book, “Essential Reiki”, Diane Stein tells of an older healing tradition that was adapted by Usui from the Buddhist traditions of Tibet.  The word reiki is psuedotranslated as “universal (rei) life-force energy (ki)”.  Practitioners are attuned to the reiki energy and qualify as practitioners at the second degree level before moving on to Master/Teacher level.


What happens during a reiki treatment?

The client lies or sits down – there is no need to be undressed and only shoes need be removed if the client is to be treated on a massage couch.  The practitioner then moves through a series of hand positions placed to balance the seven main chakras of the body.


The practitioner may also concentrate on areas of the body where physical pain has been experienced, or areas that they are guided to work on.  The reiki treatment can relieve pain and stress, and induces deep relaxation.  For this reason it can be extremely beneficial for all people, especially during periods of stress or depression.  There is also the possibility of an emotional release during which the client may cry or laugh – this is perfectly normal and can be cathartic.  Crystals may be used during the treatment to focus a certain energy frequency on an area of the body where the practitioner has been working, or to continue to “charge” a chakra which has been blocked.  These crystals are charged with reiki and attuned to one of the seven main chakras.  Following the treatment most clients will feel relaxed, though some will feel energised, and may go through a period of detox.  For this reason it is advisable to drink lots of water after your treatment.


Reiki treatments with Kat

In your home:

I have my own massage couch which I will bring to your home for your treatment.  There is an optional room clearing included in the treatment which will be completed using a scented spray and Ting Sha.  If there is an issue with getting onto the massage couch, or with lying down, a seated treatment can be given instead.

In Harold Wood:

Several rooms are available at the Willow Herbal Centre in Harold Wood, situated two minutes from Harold Wood train station.  On expression of interest I will let you know what times are available and we will decide a time for your treatment.  The building has an intercom system so please buzz the number for the room – you’ll be given this in your booking conformation.

Skype/Distance treatments:

Distance reiki treatments can be extremely powerful.  A time is arranged and the client needs only to lie or sit down with the intent of receiving the treatment.  This is simply the most restful way to receive your treatment, as it will still be received if you are unable to stop at that time.  Following the treatment an email will be sent detailing the healer’s experience of the session, which you are welcome to reply to.  If a Skype treatment is desired the reiki healing will be conducted during a Skype session – this then gives space for a verbal discussion following the treatment.  Distance treatments are also available for pets.


Reiki for Pets

Reiki can have the same benefits for pets that it does for people – supporting healing and relieving stress.  I will come to your home or yard and conduct the treatment in your pets own space so that they are comfortable.  Pets often choose to lie down during the treatment and many fall asleep.  Others may be more wary at first and choose to move around me as I work, but they will still receive the treatment.  Please note that if your pet is ill or undergoing veterinary treatment then a letter of permission from your vet will be required prior to a reiki treatment being given.



£40 per hour or £25 for 30mins* for personal treatments or treatments for your pets.  Please note that if you wish to pay for your treatment via PayPal (using the buttons below) this must be done before the treatment takes place.  Otherwise please bring cash to the appointment with you.

£30 per hour or £20 for 30mins for distance or Skype treatments.  Distance and Skype treatments must be paid for in advance using the PayPal buttons below.

1 hour in-person reiki treatment 

30mins in-person reiki treatment 

1 hour distance/Skype reiki treatment 

30mins distance/Skype reiki treatment 

* I normally work within a 15 mile radius, however I am delighted to discuss with you if you would like a treatment for yourself or your pet.  Generally I will charge the standard price if there are mulitple bookings, and expenses at 20p per additional mile over 10 miles for a single booking



If you are interested in learning reiki please contact me, I will be running a first degree reiki course as soon as there is sufficient interest.  Notifications of this will be posted on this site and sent out to the mailing list – check out the news page!



Cancellation policy

For cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment 50% of the booking price will be charged.

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