Indian Head Massage

We offer Indian head massage treatments, either at the Willow Herbal Centre in Harold Wood or in the comfort of your own home.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage is based on the traditional massages given between families in India.  It is a holistic treatment that works on both the physical and energetic levels.  Indian head massage works on the the shoulders, arms, scalp and face, and can be especially helpful for shoulder/neck stiffness, headaches and sinus issues.  However as a holistic treatment Indian head massage works on the whole body to balance the chakras and can therefore also help to relieve symptoms in other areas of the body.  Indian head massage is a very powerful treatment with a detoxifying effect and so can be beneficial to all clients, particularly in relieving stress and tension.


What happens during an Indian head massage treatment?

The treatment is conducted with the client in a chair and the practitioner works from behind the client, concentrating on the shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face.  The Indian head massage treatment can relieve pain and stress, and induce deep relaxation.  There is also the possibility of an emotional release during which the client may cry or laugh – this is perfectly normal and can be cathartic.  Indian head massage is a deep massage technique, which means that the pressure used is stronger than you may be used to (unless you’re a sports massage fan!).  Following the treatment most clients will feel relaxed, though some will feel energised, and may go through a period of detox.  For this reason it is advisable to drink lots of water after your treatment.


Indian head massage treatments with Kat

In your home:

Traditionally an Indian head massage is conducted in a straight backed chair, preferably without arms, however I have my own massage couch which I can bring to your home for your treatment if you would prefer to receive it lying down.

In Harold Wood:

Several rooms are available at the Willow Herbal Centre in Harold Wood, situated two minutes from Harold Wood train station.  On expression of interest I will let you know what times are available and we will decide a time for your treatment.  The building has an intercom system so please buzz the number for the room – you’ll be given this in your booking conformation.



£40 per session (the treatment will last approximately 45-55 minutes but please allow an hour for the session), including treatments in Romford.  Please note that if you wish to pay for your treatment via PayPal (using the buttons below) this must be done before the treatment takes place.  Otherwise please bring cash to the appointment with you.

Indian head massage treatment 

* I normally work within a 15 mile radius, however I am delighted to discuss with you if you would like a treatment.  Generally I will charge the standard price if there are mulitple bookings, and expenses at 20p per additional mile over 10 miles for a single booking.


Cancellation policy

For cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment 50% of the booking price will be charged.


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