Sometimes life situations can feel overwhelming and leave us in need of support, or a fresh perspective to help us work through our feelings.  Guided Life Coaching sessions combine practical discussion with intuitive guidance from your spiritual team of Angels, guides and passed loved ones to help you to release problematic fears, beliefs and emotions.


Guided Life Coaching with Kat


Kat specialises in allowing you to feel heard and gently guiding you through your feelings to help you feel “back on track”.  In addition, she will pass on channeled guidance and healing from the Archangels and your spiritual team of Angels, guides and passed loved ones to help you release fears and emotions manifesting as physical or psychological distress.

Sessions are available in your own home, via phone or Skype, or at the Willow Herbal Centre in Harold Wood.

Skype readings are just like face-to-face readings, except that we will use Skype to connect. This is a great option for those who cannot attend a face-to-face session.

The Willow Herbal Centre in Harold Wood, situated two minutes from Harold Wood train station. On expression of interest I will let you know what times are available and we will decide a time for your session. The building has an intercom system so please buzz the number for the room – you’ll be given this prior to your session.



£40 per hour, or £30 per hour for Skype sessions.  Skype readings must be paid for in advance using the PayPal button below. Please note that if you wish to pay for an in-person reading via PayPal this must also be done before the reading takes place.  Otherwise please bring cash to the appointment with you.

Guided Life Coaching

Guided Life Coaching (phone/Skype)

*I normally work within a 15 mile radius, however I am delighted to discuss with you if you would like a reading. Generally I will charge the standard price if there are multiple bookings, and expenses at 20p per additional mile over 10 miles for a single booking



“Kat’s work is transformative and puts one back on course for navigating the rocky path life can sometimes manifest.”

Cancellation policy

For cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment 50% of the booking price will be charged.


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